Tuesday, May 27, 2008

8May - 19May

Rebuilt the boat - basically a total strip down of the canvas, tore out broken ribs and replaced them as well as the planking. Re-canvased the boat, new filler and paint and gunwales and the boat is as good as new thanks to the highly capable folks at Ace Lightning Canoe Repair (Island Falls) who were able to help me get it all back together.

If kindness were criminal, these amazingly giving people would be locked up for life...

The 19th was our last major gear prep day before we set out for Old Forge, NY. Finalized food preperations and packed gear and loaded up into our transport. If we don't have it now, we will pick it up on the way or do without...The trip is upon us!

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Dan said...

I am so pleased to read you used a canvas/cedar canoe. I have one that suffered many broken ribs in a rapid in 1975 but continued using it for years, until a couple years ago in my advancing years I tore it all down and rebuilt it. Who knows if I will get a chance to do the NFCT. My hat off to you two.