Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 4


Rolled out of camp this morning and continued North East along the Raquette River. This is some of the first truly moving water that we have paddled on so far on the NFCT. There was a short carry around Buttermilk Falls and then another short stretch of paddling to (yet again) a portage around more rapids.

Here the Raquette River drains into Long Lake. It really is loooonnnng. To add to this, we paddled against the wind all the way. Tried to stick close to shore and island hop to stay in the lees. We were moderately succesful...

Towards the middle of Long Lake is the town of Long Lake. Here we used the facility (running water, how sweet it is...), picked up a few odds and ends at the local general store, checked out the NFCT kiosk, and then put back in. It was strange to be around so many people as downtown was swarmed with tourists for the holiday weekend.

Paddled up to Kellys Point. Old ruins of a house. Huge, old trees. A neat campsite with gorgeous view of sunset.

Weather: 50's-60's, partly cloudy, windy - clear at night

Wildlife: 3 bald eagles, 1 osprey at nest, 3 loons, 2 kingfishers, geese, ducks, blue jays, and lots of tourists...

" 'I think,' said Christopher Robin, 'that we ought to eat all our provisions now, so we won't have so much to carry.'" ~ A.A. Milne

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