Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 37


Currently riding out a gnarly thunderstorm at Hurricane Island on Flagstaff Lake. Paddled about 12.5 miles today after shuttling around the South Branch of the Dead River. We heard a local report that it was really bony, had several river-wide strainers (trees blocking the river), difficult to navigate rapids at the end, and is relatively isolated in spots - erring on the side of caution we decided to shuttle via Bob from Gull Pond Lodge.

Quick stop in town this morning to get mail and send out packages - thanks for the food Ca-tay-tay! Put in on Flagstaff at the new NFCT kiosk near the boat launch (pretty sweet signage, well done NFCT folks!)

Sailed the first part to Savage Farm then turned eastward and began to fight a headwind all the way to camp. Raced the storm to camp, got everything set up and dinner eaten just in the nick of time before the heavens opened up! All along the paddle there are gorgeous views of the Bigelow mountains - we can see why our friend Chip loves this section (by the way - congrats on the recent retirement!) Hope the hikers are hunkering down up there on the Appalachian Trail!

Nothing but the sound of rain on the tent, the distant rumble of thunder, and the lonely call of a loon to fall asleep to...

Weather: fair and hot - the thunderstorms

Wildlife: osprey, snowshoe hare, 8 loons, kingfisher

"When the night is cloudy

there is still a light that shines on me

shine until tomorrow

let it be." ~John Lennon

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