Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 45


For our 4th of July we did a bit of paddling with a little help from our friends. Paddled to the Northeast Carry with Chris in her kayak and then shuttled back to camp for lunch (and cookies!)

As we hung out in hammocks and lazed around camp, we saw two guys go paddling by in a packed Old Town Tripper - they looked at first like Paul and Jonathan (fellow NFCT paddlers) but they didn't seem to recognize us when we waved and continued on in the direction of the carry.

Portaged down to the West Branch of the Penobscot and paddled down to Hannibals Crossing with Chris, Jenn, and Shaun. It was most excellent to have company on the river - we rafted up for snack time and drifted by some moose (one of which ran up a bank, smacked into a tree, and then ran down river alongside us for a couple of minutes - thats a lot of meat in motion!)

As we were doing the shuttle to get back to camp, up paddles the two dudes in the Old Town Tripper - turns out that they are Brett and Luke - also fellow NFCT paddlers! Talked a bit at the bridge and then they continued on down the river with plans to camp at Thoreau Island. Awesome guys.

Back at camp for some dinner and to enjoy the local fireworks - quite a show!

And then, inevitably, we played cards. It was excellent. Happy 4th!

Weather: Fair, hanging in the hammock weather

Wildlife: 3 moose, a fox with a rabbit in its mouth, 15-20 rabbits, brook trout, muskrat, juvenile bald eagle, bald eagle, loons

"Keep company with those who make you better." ~English proverb

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