Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 39


Family Day here on the NFCT! Awoke at our camp and packed up quickly so we could bum a ride from a raft guide out to the Forks where we called Bean's parents to meet up with them for lunch/dinner. Something we had been looking forward to and trying to set up for a little while.

Got some food, coffee, and good conversation at a local brew pub. After the feast we shuttled up 201 to Spencer Road and the down Spencer Rips Road - all easily navigated roads with good signage. This by-passes the section of Spencer Stream to Spencer Lake. After scouting Spencer Stream and reading the description on the map we decided to go around this part - shallow and swift water, class 1+ to 2 whitewater and upriver with lots of rocks... As we were unable to get easy access to the lake, and the upper portion is largely unnavigable, we decided to put in on the Moose River.

Luckily, "Team Rally Echo" (beans folks) were there to see us through - the little toyota echo handled the roads, our boat, and all of us readily enough. Short portage from the car to the trail followed. Bid a fond farewell to the parentals (with plans to meet again in Baxter soon!) Now sitting in camp with the rain coming down and the Moose River cruising by our tent.

Weather: overcast, rain

Wildlife: deer, moose

Rivers are roads which move, and which carry us whither we desire to go. ~Blaise Pascal

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