Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 48


Alpine start and on the water by 5am. Lake was much calmer to Lock Dam and then became down right glassy after we passed McCarren Campsite. As we rounded the corner into the cove where the Tramway Carry is we spotted a moose feeding on the grass in the water - drifted along and enjoyed the moment.

A sloppy carry along the Tramway. Muck up to calves and hordes of misquitos. But it was all worth it for the amazing train remnants that we came across - including 2 steam locomotives that hauled logs from Eagle Lake to Chamberlain Lake from 1927-1933. One moment you are portaging along and the next thing you know you are standing in front of two huge train - neat!

Put back in onto Eagle Lake - where we saw the mother of all leeches as we loaded our boat - freaky.

Paddled around Hog Island and Farm Island to the upper end of Eagle Lake. Set sail through Round Pond and across Churchill Lake to The Jaws campsite. 21 miles in 7 hours with 2.25 miles of carry in the middle - not bad. Hung out and ate lunch. Siesta. Watched two cow moose with 3 young feeding on grass in the water near the camp - wow!

Sailed across Heron Lake to Churchill Dam - portaged to the campsite and set up shop for the night. We begin our travels down the Allagash River tomorrow - a day of whitewater. Should be fun!

Weather: Clear, sun - roasting!

Wildlife: 2 bald eagles, a dog, 3 loons, osprey, canada geese with young, and a leech that looked like a sheet of black construction paper with fangs...

"You drink your sweat in this world." Kenyan Proverb

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