Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 42


Up on the bright and early to shuttle back up to the portage from Casa de la Zach. Little bit of a gnarly portage down to the water - winding, lots of little trees, and the saplings that had been cut out to make the trail remained behind as punji sticks waiting to skewer a hapless portager who might slip. Luckily, this was not us...

Paddled out into Little Brassua and passed an Outward Bound group just begining to stir in camp. Followed the lake out into Brassua proper and made good time to the dam where we portaged along a grassy trail to the Moose River beyond. Continued downstream through some fun class 1 whitewater and pulled out at the OB base and called it a day. About 10 miles, 2 portages, and all in about 2.5 hours. Not too shabby.

A gorgeous view of Mt. Kineo greeted us as we drew near our destination. Big water ahead!

Went to Greenville to re-supply, get some food, and update this blog. We leave for Moosehead tomorrow (hoping to take a couple of days to chill out at a friend's camp near the Northeast carry) and approach the last few hundred miles of the journey. A good day.

Weather: mostly cloudy

Wildlife: 4 loons, a bald eagle, a dead moose hanging out in an eddy, yum- but mostly just sticks floating in the lakes

A little rain each day will fill the rivers to overflowing. ~African Proverb (its true, we've seen it...)


Jen Lamphere said...

Hi guys,
Love your writing - thanks for all the info (and sorry for the rough shape of Demo portage - we'll get on that this summer). Was out on the Missisquoi last week and saw your entry at Doe Campsite and question about wet willy. The answer is... an outhouse without a house; a thunder box; a toilet with a view. (There was one there, in the trees, in need of a sign.)
Best wishes for sun and favorable breezes on the Allagash!

John said...

Happy to see that you have made it to Moosehead and survived...enjoyed(?) the high water along the Moose River. Please say hello to the Howards for me. Happy 4th! Love, Da

W. Sistare said...

Hey - nice going! I've given lots of thought to doing the NFCT sometime soon when the decks are cleared. I'm a school teacher so the summers are generally available (no excuses!).

I really enjoyed reading all of your entries. In particular, I was pleased to see a fellow Sigurd Olson fan. Love his writing and wisdom.

Good luck with the rest of the trip.


georgie4512 said...

Hi you two. Looks like a great trip. Wish you the best adventure; Wish I could do it sometime. Beautiful country you are traveling through. All the best.