Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 46


Awoke for the last time (this trip anyway) at Norcross Point to a good homemade breakfast courtesy of Jonathan - the man can cook! Broke camp and bid our hosts farewell - Camp Palleschi is the place to be in summer on Moosehead - we were blessed to spend such a great couple of days there!

Put back in at the bridge at Hannibals Crossing. Paddled 16 miles to Chesuncook Village on Chesuncook Lake. Crossed paths with Luke and Brett again and paddled the last bit into town with them. Got some tasty homebrewed root beer and homemade fudge at "the store" and then wandered over to the Chesuncook Inn to set up a shuttle around the Mud Pond Carry (heard that it was pretty nasty right now...)

The shuttle was a bit pricey, but split between 4 (Brett and Luke as well as us) it was a bit more manageable. If you are planning on arranging the shuttle, contact the Inn a couple of weeks in advance so that they can get everything set up - we lucked out in that they were willing and able to make it happen the next morning at 10am.

In the future, we would probably just paddle up to the West Side Campsite on Umbazooksus Stream and bum a ride - especially if it is near the weekend as there are always locals hanging out there camping - we discovered this after we paddled there to camp for the night. One dude, Uncle Kenny, lives there all summer in his camper. Everyone we met was super nice and we hung out with a few folks from the Hermon, ME area before we turned in. A good evening around the fire.

Weather: awesome

Wildlife: bald eagle, huge frogs, beaver, camp groups, and bison (there were about a dozen or so of them in a fenced in area at Chesuncook Village - didn't see that one coming!)

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." ~Amelia Earheart

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