Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 50


We hauled 36 miles today! This odyssey began at Long Lake Dam campsite where we continued north, downstream on the Allagash.

Negotiated some rips on our way to Round Pond - felt like we were paddling through the Shire. Didn't see any Hobbits though. We did however come across some amazing old Elm trees that escaped dutch elm disease because of their remoteness. Wow.

Round Pond was mirror-smooth and we made short work of it. After some more rips we were on to the Musquacook Deadwater. Had lunch at Cunliffe Depot where we checked out the rusting remains of the Lombard Log Haulers in the woods - neat side trip.

After lunch we paddled to the rangers station at Michaud Farm to sign out of the Allagash. The ranger was waiting to meet us at the beach - turns out he was a Hafford, just like Cranky Pants. Those guys are everywhere...

Cruised down to Allagash Falls - churning whitewater 40 feet down over ledge - didn't think too hard about running that!

As we started to portage the heavens opened up - our hardest rain on trip to date. Rumbles of thunder off in the distance, but nothing got too close. The portage trail looked like a river - erosion in motion. Guess the rivers will be up!

Paddled on as the rain let up and negotiated some class 2 whitewater where we made camp at West Twin Brook. Officially broke 700 miles today. Whoa. 6 more left to go to the village of Allagash - we are planning on an early morning tomorrow to make town in time for breakfast at the diner.

What a day.

Weather: fair, cloudy, intense rain and thunder, light rain in camp - saw the whole spectrum today!

Wildlife: 6 moose, 11 bald eagles, 1 turtle, 3 kingfisher, 1 loon, blackflies, mergansers, canada geese, dragon flies, a snake, and lots of boy scouts (side story: in the middle of the intense rain as we were trying to get packed up for the portage, one of the boy scout leaders came down and started giving a lesson using our canoe and pointing out our pole, packbaskets, and paddles - saying that this is how "old school" canoers do it - weird experience, and poorly timed!)

"I find that the harder I seem to work, the more luck I seem to have." ~Thomas Jefferson

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