Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 43


4am start and on the water by 5am to paddle across Moosehead Lake. We wanted to make sure we paddled in as calm conditions as possible - and the lake was without a riffle. Paddled down the last stretch of the Moose River and out into Moosehead proper just as the sun was rising behind Mt. Kineo - awe-inspiring.

Managed the large crossings to Kineo, Shaw Mountain, and across Big and Little Duck Coves with relative ease. Made it to Camp Palleschi (friends camp on Norcross Point) by 945am - 17 miles!

Of course, this was much quicker (we were expecting to encounter lots of wind and big waves) than we had anticipated and we ended up beating everyone to camp - so we ended up hanging around. Enjoyed a pleasant siesta, had some lunch, and did a little reading.

Folks showed up around 2pm and we helped get camp settled - moved a couch, did a little mowing, and helped unload vehicles. While we were mowing, we found a small rabbit all by itself in the tall grass - we promptly named it Chip-Chop (since thats what it almost was in the mower...) and set it up with a little food and water outside. The little guy fits right in the palm of one hand with room to spare.

Played some cribbage and called it a day. Camp living for the next few days. Life is good.

Weather: sunny and still in the day, thunderstorm at night

Wildlife: Chip-Chop and 3 loons

"What is more peaceable than a canoe at the dock in the sunshine as the waves slip gently under it, swaying its cane seats and their elegant crochet of shadows?" ~Wesley McNair

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