Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 17


Happy Birthday Shannon - oh great and fabulous sister of Cranky Pants!

We are in town to re-supply, repair, and rest. Just in time for Enosburg Falls Dairy Festival! We hear this place gets hoppin' with all the festivities - fried dough and the tilt-a-whirl...awesomeness.

This is a great little town as everything is close at hand and very pedestrian friendly. The local library is excellent and the staff are incredibly helpful! We will be packing up and leaving on the bright and early tomorrow morning.
We made the news! Check out the article:


By popular demand - you can send post to us at:

Eileen McCue and William Hafford

General Delivery

Newport, VT 05855

-it would be good to send it so that it arrives by 18June - but don't stress too much as we will be leaving forwarding information with the post office.

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."

~Oliver Wendell Holmes


John said...

Hey Guys,
Thanks for keeping us "in the loop". Great to her all about your adventure first hand as it is happening. Good luck as you journey on. Love, Da

LisaBigPants said...


Enjoy dipping in that river with all the heat we've got going on in VT!! You two are living the DREAM right now!! So happy for you.......

Hey, if you want, i can let you borrow the whip for our oxen. That way, the person pushing the canoe can drive the person hauling!!

Just swing by the Poultney River. I'm the third tent, gee side. I'll be waiting with the whip!!

Lots of love


megs said...

That's so cool that you guys made the news!

Chris said...

The Nulhegan is very serpantine for the first half the second half is probably going to be a bit bony. The CT is nice and the new site that in the trip updates is great Look for it below the iron bridge about 1.5 miles on the right.

Best of luck in NH, Once you leave the CT river its uphill to Maine. I just paddle DOWN the Upper Ammanoosuc and the Frizzel site is very nice, the Coldwell is OK. It's a beautifull river.enjoy it. When you get to the Eastern take out there is a general store with lots of cold things to eat and drink.

I check the blog everyday to look for updates.