Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 22


Continued southward to Newport, VT. Bid adieu to Herman's cozy cottage and safe harbor. It was a most excellent sanctuary.

Memphramagog was calm - the surface like a mirror. Great paddling. As we got closer to town, the wind picked up - as it was a good following wind we set sail and breezed through the last few miles. A quick check in at US Customs and we suddenly found ourselves in town.

Hit the library to get our bearings and made some reservations at a local campground. Walked to the outfitters and swung by the post office to get our mail. Ate lunch. A whirlwind of activity takes place once you get back to town!

Made a phone call to the Eastern Mountain Sports in South Burlington - should have a new portage cart by tomorrow. This is most excellent as the next stretch of river has many portages! The good folks at EMS really went above and beyond to help us out! Hooray for exceptional customer service!

Paddled over to the campground and set up shop. We are the only tent in a sea of RV's. Sort of funny. Showers, laundry - we even saw a movie at the local cinema. Town livin' - it's a hard knock life...

Weather: fair - quick evening shower

Wildlife: River otter, 18 Turkey vultures riding thermals over camp, 2 loons, a duck with 7 babies

"At times on quiet waters one does not speak aloud but only in whispers, for then all noise is sacrilege." ~Sigurd F. Olson

We are actually about a week ahead of our schedule, oops.

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