Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 25


Woke on the bright and early and portaged into the outlet of Pensioner Pond. Bean got a chance to try out her stern skills. Impressive.

Across Pensioner we tackled the undulating Clyde. Lots of twists and turns - as the picture shows, we ran into a HUGE turtle...gorgeous paddling, just a bit wandering...

Made it to the East Charleston general store and picked up some cold drinks and snacks - day old cookies on sale! Peanut Butter! After which we paddled to the boat launch at 10 Mile Square Road where we called it a day. Sort of a sketchy place to camp, but there was nothing downriver except soggy cow pasture, and nothing but wetlands ahead. Not the best options...

Weather: Humid - mid-80's storms a brewin

Wildlife: 3 deer, cows, beaver, 2 loons, heron, damsel and dragonflies

"The reeds give

Way to theWind

and give

The wind away" ~ A.R. Ammons

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