Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 24


FRIDAY THE 13th!!! Pretty quiet on our end... Portage cart didn't make it in to Newport, we are having it forwarded to Island Pond, VT. One cool side note from waiting around Newport is that we ran into some fellow NFCT paddlers! Paul and Jonathan started a couple of days behind us and caught us at the campground this morning. We all got some breakfast at the local diner and talked shop. Awesome to meet fellow thru-paddlers.

Departed Newport around noonish via a shuttle from the Great Outdoors, the local outfitter. Made our way up to Lake Salem - bypassing some gnarly whitewater on the Clyde River. Nice paddling until almost East Charleston where it shallowed out and we ended up poling and lining a mile or so. Took out into someones backyard and portaged into Charleston Pond. Set up camp at a site near another portage around another dam. Should be a good morning tomorrow!

Weather: same, bit warmer

Wildlife: Bald eagle, 2 turtles, deer, elk (in cages...) Heron, fish, dragon and damsel flies, canadian goose with 4 big goslings
"The majestic river floated on, Out of the mist and hum of that low land, Into the frosty starlight." ~Matthew Arnold

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