Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 23


In town waiting on the portage cart, re-suppying, and just hanging out. Newport is a very convenient and pedestrian friendly town. We will spend tonight back at the campground and then head out tomorrow morning to head upstream on the Clyde River. We do so enjoy a good upstream paddle.

Weather: fair - sunny and 70's

Wildlife: cars in town - they move quick!

"To stick your hands into the river is to feel the cords that bind the earth together in one piece."
~Barry Lopez


Chris said...

Sounds like a great last few days. I am planning on the Clyde river section in a couple of weeks so I'm looking forward to your report.
I will however, be doing it downstream.

Susan said...

Just dropping a line to say that your adventure is sounding very cool and worthwhile. Keep having fun. Question: What do you two chat about as you while away the hours?

Bub said...

I found the article in the Old Forge, NY newspaper. It caught my interest. I have been following you to see how the trip has been going. I am intreged by your adventure. Sounds like a blast!
I would like to know what inspired you to chose this trip? Where did you go to college? This is my first exposure to the NFCT. You are doing a great job of getting me to experience it first hand.

I hope you write a how to book.


Northern Paddlers said...

Chris~ the Clyde was a bit bony up near the dams in the Charleston area - definitely put in further down stream as the portage around the dam downtown leaves you right on top of a ledge area that leads to shallows - other than that, expect some beaver dams around pensioner. The last few miles into Newport are very bony - shuttle/portage would be advised. Good luck!

Northern Paddlers said...

Susan~ We talk about all kinds of things. Food seems to be a big topic - at least for Cranky Pants...we also talk about the days travel, whats up ahead, and logistics to manage in town. More interesting conversations would be about the local habitat and environmental issues that we run into. The weather is also a big topic. Basically, anything and everything under the sun!

Northern Paddlers said...

Bub~ We chose the NFCT because it was a great, close, short adventure that we felt comforatable with. We also considered hiking on the Appalachian Trail for a bit, as well as biking across the country. However, we just finished building a canoe, so an epic canoe trip seemed in order...

Cranky Pants graduated from Unity College with majors in Adventure Education Leadership and Adventure Therapy.

Bean graduated from the Audubon Expedition Institute with a Masters in Environmental Education.

Basically we both like to play outside! Thanks for reading and posting - we love hearing from folks!