Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 19


Woke up in Davis Park meaning to hit the water - but we were both dead tired (I guess 16 miles in 90 degree temps upriver can really take it out of you...) and the temps were already on the rise, so we decided to call it good and stay in Richford another day.

Rest and re-hydration.

Weather: Sunny, HOT (90's), Thunderstorms as we turned in

Wildlife: Desert tortoise (random encounter on the street, someones pet...), turkey vultures sunning themselves on the bridge

"Thus the Birch Canoe was builded

In the valley, by the river,

In the bosom of the forest;

And the forest’s life was in it,

All its mystery and its magic,

All the lightness of the birch-tree,

All the toughness of the cedar,

All the larch’s supple sinews;

And it floated on the river

Like a yellow leaf in Autumn,

Like a yellow water-lily." ~Longfellow

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