Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 20


Began the day once again in Richford, VT - the day was already hot at 5am, and we were glad that we got moving so early! Portaged through town to the put in upriver past a series of gnarly ledges. At least, we thought we had...

We spent the next 2 1/2 hours eddy hopping, lining, and paddling like the dickens trying to make head way up a shallow, bony stretch of river. The current was fast, and the ledges were covered with algae making poling impossible as you couldn't manage a good set. Lining was not an option as the edge of the river was hemmed in by fallen down trees - strainers are sort of scary, eh?

Finally we decided to take out and try our luck on the road to get around this shallow stretch of water. And there we sat. For 3 hours...

Until Randy rolled up with his sweet station wagon of joy. Thanks be to the canoe gods! Just by chance he happened to live just up the road where we were going so we loaded everything into/onto his car and made our way up and around the bony stretch.

Bid Randy farewell and checked in with US Customs as we prepared to cross into Canada. After the US side we walked across to Canada and checked in with them. After they were satisfied that we weren't smuggling cocaine or people, they sent us on our way.

We officially paddled into Canada at 2pm on the nose - just as soon as we did, the river instantly turned smooth and deep - what a change! This stretch of the Missisquoi is easily the most beautiful portion we have seen - just in time too as our arms were rather tired!

An easy few miles to Glen Sutton and we made our way to Canoe and Co. - a local outfitter. Francoise, the owner, let us crash on his lawn for the night. How sweet it is!

Weather: T-storms early, rainy hot and humid - ugh.

Wildlife: crawfish and Canadians

"If there's a place, Canoe there." ~ Brent Kelly

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