Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 32


Headed down river on the Androscoggin. Picked up our mail in town (thanks for sending the new maps, Dad!) and swung by the local outfitter in town. We have arranged the return shuttle from Neal - a friend of Cranky Pants (a crazy story - we met while we were both leading seperate canoeing trips on the St. Croix river and then here he is hanging out in Errol, a most pleasant reunion- small world, eh?)
The Androscoggin normally runs at around 1400 CFS (Cubic Feet/Second) - today it is running around 8743 CFS! Saw some large water and paddled through class 2+ whitewater. Big water in a wood canvas canoe!

Tomorrow we paddle across Umbagog and back into Maine!

Weather: overcast and fair-ish in the am, rain pm

Wildlife: big chop on the Andro!

"Do nothing. Time is too precious to waste." ~ Buddha


Anonymous said...

Hey Will, make sure you look me up when you get on the Moose...


Emphatik said...

Hey kids,
Do you think still Rangely in a week. Things have gotten crazy and I still want to shower you with delicious sweet treats, but I don't think they will make it there by this thursday. Should I still send them on anyway?
Just let me know.
Heart you,

Northern Paddlers said...


Gave your cell a call earlier today - great minds think alike...and so do ours! Would love to catch up with you - we will be around town all day today 6/25 - catch us on the cell! Hope your having a rockin summer, brother!