Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 29


A three river day today! Woke up on the Nulhegan and put in - promptly crossed over onto the Connecticut river. Big water - it is definitely up from all the rain and it is moving fast! At one point we figured we were going about 7 miles an hour, a new speed record for us!

What a change to be going down stream on such a large and paddler friendly river! Even coasting along we made great time - as you can see, Bean was working hard today.

20 miles later (arround 1pm) and we arrived at the confluence of the Connecticut and Amanoosuc (I just took a wild guess on the spelling as my map is not in front of me...) River - and began another upstream adventure. Why do the easy miles go by so fast?

Portaged into Groveton, NH. Laundry, food, and figuring out where to go next...

Nulhegan - Connecticut - Amanoosuc - farewell Vermont!

Weather: partly cloudy, warm

Wildlife: heron, ospreys, geese

"Water is the driver of Nature." ~Leonardo da Vinci

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Emphatik said...

Hi Guys,
Congrats about your news. I am glad to hear that you will have a place to live when you finish on the river. Sounds like you kids are having a super time. I can't wait to see a slideshow. I am glad that your weather is nice. So far, here it is still cold and rainy. I am headed down to Vancouver Washington this weekend for a regatta. I hope we make it to the finals, but you just never know. I think it will be fun. It is so great to hear about your adventures. Sending lots of luv and bug repellent.